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The Cameroonian Government’s vision is to make greater use of Information and

Communication Technologies (ICT) to enable a transformation of the public administration and businesses in Cameroon.

A critical element of enabling electronic service delivery is having the means to authenticate and secure online transactions.

In order to achieve this vision, Cameroonian Government has deployed the national Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that helps individuals, businesses and government itself in securing electronic transactions nationwide.

PKI Framework in Cameroon is bounded by Law No: 2010/ 012 of 21 December 2010 RELATING TO CYBERSECURITY AND CYBERCRIMINALITY IN CAMEROON with the following key actors:




• promote the security of electronic communication networks and information  systems and monitor the evolution of issues relatedto security and certification activities;

• coordinate activities that contribute to the security and protection     of    electronic     communication      networks                     and information systems at national level;

ensure the setting up an electronic communication security framework;

• draw up the list of Certification Authorities;

represent Cameroon in international bodies in charge of activities related to the security and protection of electronic communication networks and information systems.


examine applications for accreditation and prepare the specifications of Certification Authorities and submitthem to the MINPOSTEL for signature;

• participate in the development of the national policy on the security     of    electronic      communication       networks                  and certification;

• prepare agreements of mutuarecognition with foreign parties and submit them to the MINPOSTEL for signature;

• monitor technological developments and issue warnings and recommendations regarding certification;

• participate      in    research,      training     and    studies                      related certification;

ensure the regularity and efficiency of securityaudits of information systems      in    accordance      with                        established standards,public bodies and Certification Authorities;

• play the role of a rootCA;

• play the role of governmentCA.

The Decree No: 2012/ 1318/PM of May 22, 2012 clearly prescribe the procedure for an enterprise to become an Accreditated Certification Authority (ACA). 




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